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Inner Wheel Moldavië verricht bergen werk

Inner Wheel Moldavië zorgt voor  vluchtelingen terwijl 250 km verderop de stad Odessa wordt aangevallen. Vanuit Inner Wheel clubs uit andere landen, waaronder Nederland, wordt meegeleefd en worden donaties gedaan om het werk te kunnen voortzetten.

Natalia Vavilina brengt in beeld en onder woorden wat het betekent elkaar te  helpen

Zij bieden hulp en organiseren activiteiten. Zo staat op facebook het volgende te lezen over de actie van 7 mei DAY of EUROPA:

A lot of Ukrainian women and children have been in Moldova from the first days of the confrontation to the present day. And almost all this time they are in a confined space. Of course, no one restricts their movement, but where will you go in a strange city, a strange settlement, when you are in your burning country with all your heart and thoughts, with your family and with your loved ones.

On May 7, within the framework of the “Day of Europe”, we held a “Day of Moldova” for the Ukrainian refugees, over whom we march. These are women and children accommodated in a hostel and disabled people in a temporary accommodation center in the village of Grebleshty. We tried to distract them from gloomy thoughts and make at least a small holiday for the refugees and introduce them to the national traditions of Moldova. We have prepared gifts and national treats – placindas (national pastry pies with various fillings), apples, small national bagels with cherries, juices and, of course, some famous Moldovan wine.

The national atmosphere was created by the beautiful Moldovan music performed by Stella Platon. The special aroma of our event was betrayed by the notes of coffee from the unique Moldavian coffeejiu – Alexander Stukalov. A lot of Ukrainian women and children have been in Moldova from the first days of the confrontation to the present day. And almost all this time they are in a confined space. Of course, no one restricts their movement, but where will you go in a strange city, a strange settlement, when you are in your burning country with all your heart and thoughts, with your family and with your loved ones.

The action was held under the auspices of Inner Wheel District 224 Romania-Moldova. The co-organizers were the clubs: Inner Wheel Odessa Black Sea and Inner Wheel Elit Chisinau Europea.

District and clubs represented:

Inner Wheel District 224 Romania-Moldova – Chairman of the District Natalia Vavilina;
Inner Wheel Odessa Black Sea – Charter Secretary Tatyana Borzova;
Inner Wheel Elit Chisinau Europea – club president Aurelia Grigoriu;
Moderator and host of the event – ex-president of IW Elit Chisinau Europea Victoria Sobor;
Volunteers – ex-president of IW Elit Chisinau Europea Tamara Mikhalskaia and Veronika Gulka.

The sponsors of the event were:

Inner Wheel Chisinau – representative of Viorica Ghelbet,
National Library of the Republic of Moldova – director Elena Penteley,
Cynological Union of Moldova – President Sergei Volynets,
Zepter International, company representatives – Tamara Kishka and Silva Dohotaru,
Popular presenter and coffee maker – Alexander Stukalov.
The guest of the event is the regional representative of Inner Wheel Croatia District 191 Snjezana Petrovic-Tkalcec.

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IW-leden in Moldavië en Roemenië vragen onze hulp


Onderstaand bericht van Natalia spreekt boekdelen. Onze IW-leden hebben daar dringend onze financiële hulp nodig. Het zijn arme landen, die ontzettend veel  vluchtelingen opvangen en niet terug kunnen vallen op een overheid die voorzieningen beschikbaar stelt.

Dear friends, I am Natalia Vavilina, now the Chairman of IW District 224 Romania-Moldova.

THIS IS WAR. And now everyone is suffering. Both Ukrainians and Russians living in Ukraine. My mother is Bulgarian, my father is Russian, my husband is Moldovan with Polish roots. I live in Moldova. We speak several languages. Should linguistic disagreements lead to hostilities and to the destruction of people who speak a different language? Thousands of refugees from Ukraine are now in Moldova. It is scary to look into the eyes of Ukrainian children frightened by explosions. Our people are doing everything possible to help them. God gave us the opportunity to do a good deed. On March 2, 2022, my dad was cremated in Minsk and strangers from Belarus helped me to do it, because I can’t go there because of the hostilities in Ukraine. And I received at home women with small children, members of the IW Chornomorsk club from Ukraine.

Now in Moldova is a very difficult situation. Rotar clubs have been very active in helping out. I hope our clubs can help too.

We really need your help.The number of refugees from Ukraine is huge. Our small country can’t cope. We are currently working on them as volunteers from our own funds. But there are few really rich people in our club. We give the last. We welcome people into our homes. We help those who want to leave. we are in dire need of financial support. Are Inner Wheell clubs in your country ready to support us financially?

Ukrainian customs releases only women and children. Men from 18 to 60 years old are not admitted. Those who do not have a car walk from the customs of Ukraine to the customs of Moldova, and this is several kilometers with bags, suitcases and children. Moldova, if you look at the map, is a very small country and probably the poorest in Europe. Moldova is now overflowing with refugees. There is no housing for them. They sleep on mattresses and folding beds in all sports halls of schools, sports complexes, exposition areas, boarding houses. Because of such a number of refugees, food in stores began to disappear. Gasoline is issued only by 10 liters. We are trying to help them. Who than can. It is very difficult. There are no rich women in our club. We are mostly teachers and lawyers. But in Moldova, the salary of a teacher and a lawyer is 10 times less than in European countries. It’s true , now I have already exhausted my possibilities and that is the only reason I turned to other clubs for help.

I really don’t like asking for help. But in this situation, I threw aside my pride. Our people give the last they have.

Many refugees do not have the means to travel to Europe and other countries and hope to return home. Therefore, we have a lot of them now. And in our country there are less than 4 million inhabitants.

IW District 224 Romania-Moldova, which I manage consists of only 4 clubs. 2 in Romania and 2 in Moldova. District account in Romania. I am in Moldova now. 

Het IW district dat deze oproep voor hulp doet, bestaat uit 2 Roemeense clubs  en 2 Moldavische clubs. De vier clubs werken nauw samen, ook financieel, en bieden hulp waar ze kunnen. Je kunt het broodnodige geld overmaken naar:


  • Bank: MICB, S “Vasile Alecsandri”
  • BIC: MOLDMD2X367
  • Valuta: Euro
  • IDNP: 0971112424665
  • IBAN: MD94ML000002259A67167361
  • Naam: Tatyana BORZOVA


  • adres: Strada Stefan cel Mare, Nr 28, postal code 600360, Bacau, Romania
  • IBAN:RO38INGB0000999912239687
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Robin, zoon van IPP helpt in Oekraïne

Robin, de zoon van international Past President Phyllis Charter woont en werkt vlakt bij Warschau. Zo kwam hij in aanraking met de ellende in de Oekraïne en de vluchtelingencrisis. Hieronder zijn verslag.

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

With the invasion of Ukraine after weeks of watching armed Russian forces doing so called “peaceful military exercises” on their Russian and Belarus borders we are now seeing the full force of a large nuclear army forcing a peaceful and independent country into submission.

Nobody was prepared for the millions of women and children being forced from their homes, with all that they could carry, to their nearest border for a safe haven away from the cruel and unjustifiable destruction of their homes and communities.

By train, bus, car and even walking they arrived at border crossings with not even a bed for the night.

With our son Robin, Marta and family living near Warsaw, where he runs our Agricultural Machinery business, we soon heard of the desperate need for food, water and other everyday essentials – that we take for granted – from the Ukrainian family he had taken into their home.

With Marta’s company Folkstar, her parents wholesale company and others able to supply and even give many of these products along with a neighbouring transport company offering free transportation across the border to the centre of Ukraine of all that we could supply – our Inner Wheel, Rotary and other friends immediately offered funds so that we could buy goods in Poland and get them to the heart of the country and the hearts of the people where the need is most. This saves the expensive transportation and ferry costs of the 1300 to 1500 miles (2 x for the return journey) that much of the aid from this country is incurring.

Already we have sent two consignments to Khmelnytskyi, as far as the convoy dare go, on a so-called safe route from where it is distributed. In addition to this, Folkstar staff are taking food, water and other essentials to the refugees who are waiting by their thousands, in freezing weather, to cross the Polish Ukrainian border.

This is not a short-term problem and our continued help will be needed for thousands more families as they leave their homeland – and menfolk – to seek safe shelter and a roof over their head. 

On their behalf a BIG THANK YOU and I give you my assurance that every penny that I receive will give more than its value in aid.

International Past President Phyllis Charter

Je kan Robin en Marta helpen door geld over te maken aan:

  • Rekening houder: Marta Wróbe,
  • Valuta: PLN
  • Banknaam: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
  • Bankadress: al.Jana Pawla II 17,00-854 Warsaw
  • Land: Polen



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Hulp aan Varna in Bulgarije

In Varna is de IW Club Varna Marina erg actief. Ze openen hun huizen voor vluchtelingen en staan zelf de hele dag in de stad om hulp te bieden. Bulgarije zelf is een heel arm land.  Ondanks dat laten ze vluchtelingen binnen en proberen ze zo goed mogelijk te helpen. We kunnen de IW leden daar direct ondersteunen bij hun activiteiten door geld te doneren, zij zorgen dat het besteed wordt aan wat en voor wie het nodig is. De acties staan onder leiding van de leden Nelly Brateova en Silvia Dimitrova. Als je ook wilt helpen dan kan je geld overmaken aan de bankrekening van Silvia Dimitrova

IBAN: 8G63STSA93000024997505 BIC: STSABGSF DS

Adres Silvia: Bulgaria, Varna, st. “Rajno Popovich” 5

Het geld wordt besteed aan medicijnen, kleding, huur en andere hulp aan vluchtelingen uit de Oekraïne in de regio Varna. Ze zullen alle 2 weken verslag uitbrengen van hun activiteiten en uitgaven.

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Directe hulp aan Odessa

Karoline Frauenlob van IW München-Europea is persoonlijk in direct contact met 2 IW-vriendinnen in Odessa, die de stad niet willen en kunnen verlaten. Ze maakt geld over, waarmee er voor de stad medicamenten en eten gekocht kan worden.

Wil je ook helpen neem dan contact met Karoline – karoline.frauenlob@web.de – 00 49 179 524 49 40.

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Internationaal Inner Wheel LET’S ACT


De Internationale InnerWheel Executive and Governing Body willen geld inzamelen voor  de ontheemden in de Oekraine. Inner Wheelclubs in Oekraïne bevinden zich in de gebieden die het zwaarst zijn getroffen, er is nu weinig contact mogelijk. IIW doneert in eerste instantie £ 10.000  aan het International Committee of Red Cross (IRC). De International Innerwheel President Bina (20-21) en Ebe (21-22)  konden de afgelopen jaren vanwege de Covid-pandemie niet reizen, besloten werd dit bedrag te doneren.

Er is een Internationale-bankrekening in (in euro’s) geopend voor fondswerving met als doel in het bijzonder de vrouwen en kinderen te ondersteunen, zowel in de Oekraïne als wel de vluchtelingen in de buurtlanden.

IIW heeft contact met goede doelen van Emergency International om vast te stellen welke problemen onmiddellijk moeten worden aangepakt en wat nodig is voor permanente ondersteuning. Het is altijd het doel van IIW om ervoor te zorgen dat de bijdragen daar komen waar ze het meest nodig zijn.

Account Name: Inner Wheel Relief Fund
Sort Code: 01-08-38
Account Number: 550/00/57513481
IBAN: GB93NWBK60720257513481

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