Bericht van Phyllis Charter
Bericht van Phyllis Charter


As the Coronavirus rampages around the world, putting the majority of the population into lockdown and isolating families, communities and countries from each other, Inner Wheel members have found new ways to continue and even expand their objects of Friendship and Personal Service.

I cannot give enough praise to our Members who are in the medical profession, selflessly giving care to those in most need with the virus and also to our Members who are keeping our services and utilities that we take for granted going. Also, many thanks to those Members who are the lifeline to their neighbours and most vulnerable in their communities.

However, even with this social isolation that the majority of people are experiencing, Inner Wheel Members are still active in maintaining contact with each other. No matter where we live or what our age, we all seem to have mastered all the forms of electronic communication devices available to raise our spirits, hold meetings and most importantly to remain in contact with the women and families that depend upon us in these strange and uncharted times.

Let us all prove that by supporting each other whilst we stay in our homes, “Together we can” beat this virus and come out of it stronger and more determined that Inner Wheel is the No1 brand for Inspirational and Innovative Women that care.


Take care and keep safe,

Phyllis Charter
President International Inner Wheel